NameDescriptionLast commit
auto.pairs[kst fork] a fork of the auto-pairs vim plugin with more sensible auto-completion rules2020-07-14 10:49Z
binsome random scripts in my ~/bin, the bright side2023-04-19 01:08Z
chirpcommon haskell utility functions shared by karasu and maze2020-12-21 00:26Z
cozette.psfa custom build of cozette (the typeface) ported to psf format for use on tty2021-01-01 23:19Z
dmenu[kst fork] dynamic menu2020-07-18 22:59Z
fl.trthe pandoc filters that power karasu and the maze2021-07-07 15:54Z
font.rendera comparison of font rendering under different platforms2020-08-06 23:11Z
fretlcommand-line fretboard for mirrored (left-handed) guitar and alternative tunings2020-12-30 02:16Z
grmgit repo manager for self-hosted git servers2020-12-10 04:34Z
k.iosevkaa custom build of iosevka (the typeface) for personal use2020-07-20 21:44Z
kamomethe front-end components of karasu2020-11-23 04:37Z
kamome.hanethe airships floating in the sky2022-07-05 07:23Z
kanvasthe latex packages that power most of rnd.wlk2020-10-07 04:59Z
karasua self-hosted remote communication system designed for math discussions2020-12-21 01:04Z
kbcustomizable virtual midi keyboard daemon for jack2021-06-08 04:43Z
mesh.impostormesh.deform part 2, an excursion2020-11-24 09:01Z
mintsome utilities to work with music intervals, (tonal) pitches, and transpositions2020-10-15 10:48Z
mweminimal working examples2022-08-13 00:27Z
ofxMeshGenalternative mesh primitive generators and processors for openframeworks2020-07-20 22:22Z
oscra local router for open sound control (osc)2021-06-08 13:30Z
osoa tiny, hackable oscilloscope for jack2021-11-02 03:43Z
pandoc-utilsutility functions to work with pandoc in haskell applications2020-07-20 22:42Z
papersgoodnotes templates generated from tikz2020-10-04 03:29Z
patchespatches for various programs2020-11-06 10:35Z
pdf.tocgenautomatically generate table of contents for pdf files2023-11-26 04:05Z
servant-rawm[mirror] effectful raw handler for servant servers2021-03-16 02:21Z
sesqadaptable sesquichromatic syntax highlighting2020-07-20 21:48Z
stagit[kst fork] static git page generator2021-01-10 08:32Z
Th.fixeran opinionated ligature patcher2020-07-20 22:32Z
wikipedia.rehasha minimal typographical rehash of wikipedia designed for screen readability2020-07-24 09:10Z